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This Face Your Fears Guided Meditation and Hypnotherapy Session is aimed at people who want to conquer fears that may be holding them back.

While avoiding the situations you fear might make you feel better in the short term, avoidance can cause increased anxiety in the long term. When you completely avoid your fears, you teach your amygdala (the irrational, fearful part of the brain) that you can’t handle them so the fear worsens.

Conversely gradually facing your fears, in small steps that don’t feel overwhelming may help decrease anxiety and help to break the habit of avoiding fears.,

You don’t need to conquer every fear you have, but when your fear is stopping you from doing everyday things or from achieving your dreams, that’s when we need to take back control.

This Face Your Fears Hypnotherapy Audio has been carefully created to rewire and reprogram those old thinking patterns around fears and to finally take those small steps you need to take to achieving your goals.


The content in this audio is provided for information only and is not intended to replace a consultation with your GP, other health care professionals or be considered as medical advice. If you have any doubts or concerns about your health, please seek advice from a medical doctor. Do not listen to this audio when you are driving, operating machinery or having a bath – we use deep relaxation techniques which require your full attention and will get you into a near sleep type state. By purchasing this hypnotherapy audio from our website, you acknowledge and agree that it is for personal use only. You do not have the right to distribute, resell, or use this audio for commercial purposes. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or commercial use of this audio is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action to protect our copyright.


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