Changing behaviours through targeted guided meditation 24 / 7 / 365.


We give people the tools they need to look after their mental health 24/7, 365 days a year through our targeted guided meditation platform, confidential drop in clinics and powerful workshops.

Our platform hosts a suite of over 70+ Personal and Professional audios (called MindTALKs). These MindTALK audios have the power to help overcome a variety of mental health issues in the workplace.  We have proven results to show that issues such as stress and anxiety decrease in the workplace and 83% of people who have used the platform, say it has had a positive impact in helping them overcome unwanted issues and behaviours such as:

Addiction | Alcohol Moderation | Anxiety | Bereavement |Blushing | Business Meeting Presence | Claustrophobia | Confidence | Confidence to Come Out | Dating Confidence | Depression | Fear of Flying | Having More Patience | Healthy Eating | Hypochondria | Imposter Syndrome | Increase in Exercise| Insecurity | Insomnia/Waking In The Night | More Self Esteem | Motivation | Overcoming Laziness| Pitching Effectively | Positive Thinking | Powerful Public Speaking | Premenstrual Syndrome | Reframing StressResilience | Unwind After A Busy Day | Weight Loss

Drop in clinics


As well as access to our platform we offer businesses drop in clinics which give employees an opportunity to offload, talk and confidentially discuss any mental health issues in order to help them manage and combat negative beliefs or behaviours. These can be run monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

We also offer workshops which provide employees with the tools and techniques they need to make changes in specific areas such as sleep, communication, confidence, nutrition, hypnobirthing as well as physical workshops such as yoga and HITT classes.

Our clinics and workshops are run by highly trained therapists meaning that you know your employees are in safe hands. Our sessions are confidential and impactful – we not only offer a safe place to talk but we also work with your employees to help them make long lasting changes to unwanted negative thoughts and behaviours so they are happier and healthier




How it works


Our MindTALK audios are designed to support those currently experiencing existing limiting beliefs and behaviours affecting their ability to thrive in the work place as well as preventing any issues that may crop up throughout the year as well. 

The platform is completely anonymous for users, so employees are able to listen to audios without fear of being judged. However, we do run reports that highlight overall key areas of concern i.e. 50% of the business are listening to anxiety, giving you the insights you need so you can focus on the right wellbeing areas within the business.

Have a listen to a sample of a MindTALK audio here.


Our Clients

We are incredibly proud of the clients we have started working with and the positive impact we are making with them.