With over 20 years experience in both corporate environments and targeted guided meditation Natasha Taylor Dip Hyp and Sophie Fox BSc Dip PH, Hyp have combined their skills to deliver House Of Wellbeing. Natasha and Sophie trained to be targeted guided meditation experts together in 2005 and then worked together on Harley Street in 2007.  Since then Natasha has maintained her passion for targeted guided meditation whilst working in the Media & Creative industry helping her to garner lots of on the ground professional knowledge and experience of mental health issues employees face in the workplace.  Sophie also worked in the Media industry on the production side and has extended her targeted guided mediation skills into Hypnobirthing, offering courses to expectant couples.  

House of Wellbeing brings both the corporate and wellbeing side together to address the health and happiness of employees.  With a passion for helping people and a desire to ensure businesses thrive both Natasha and Sophie are dedicated, driven and eager to improve mental health wellbeing in the workplace.


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