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We have a library of over 100 powerful hypnotherapy audios for you to choose from. Each hypnotherapy session is carefully created by experienced hypnotherapists and within each hypnotherapy audio we incorporate techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Our hypnotherapy audios are available to listen to on your phone, laptop or on our app but wherever you are we recommend that you listen to them somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed, where you can fully relax and let go so you can fully enjoy and reap all the benefits from your chosen hypnotherapy audio.
We have a range of different types of hypnotherapy audios including: 3 Minute Affirmations, 10 Minute Booster Audios, our Longer Hypnotherapy Audios lasting around 25 minutes and our Healing Frequency Audios. We offer our hypnotherapy audios to individuals, to corporates for their employees to enjoy and we’re also thrilled that our hypnotherapy audios are also available on other meditation platforms such as Gaia, Calm, Happy Not Perfect and many more.

By listening to our audios, you will reach a state of deep relaxation and once you’re in this state of deep relaxation we talk straight to your subconscious mind, reprogramming your mind to change old unwanted behaviours quickly and efficiently, creating new and positive change whether it’s for personal or professional work related issues


Our Happy Clients

*Book Recommendation*. I’ve always had an interest in what makes people tick, how people react with one another, childhood issues that come back to surface again and again. It’s been my excuse for loving reality programmes as I just love watching and analysing everyone. I should have probably been a psychiatrist, but ending up fixing people down a hypnotherapy route instead. So this book ‘Getting Past You and Me to Build a More Loving Relationship’ by Terrence Real, is the most fascinating book about relationships, it’s not just about your relationship with your partner but every relationship you have. It talks about how you need to stop thinking as “I” and “Me” and move into an “Us” mindset. It talks about having an inner adaptive child and wise adult (run by your pre frontal cortex which we talk to during hypnotherapy), and how to be led more by your wiser adult self. It talks about how to emotionally meet your own needs as well as your partners, how to speak up, how to improve your marriage, the relationship you have with your kids, your partner, friendships. It really is a bible on how to communicate better. It’s full of real life couple stories from his therapy sessions and I really enjoyed it - I thought you might too. #book #relationships #emotions #love #friendships #parenting #communication #selfhelp #understanding #bettertogether #us #youandme #wise #couplegoals #mind #takecontrol #better #hypnotherapy #prefrontalcortex ...

Holibobs! The kids are having an absolute blast on our holiday, mainly because we are surrounded by a million pools and water fumes. I don’t think I’ve ever been to such a massive hotel resort before.

Plus sides;
- it’s all inclusive so the kids can literally swim and eat all day long without one of them saying ‘mum I’m hungry’.
- kids entertained for hours on end
- it’s beautiful here and also on the beach, so can quickly escape the fumes.
- plenty of time to read, relax and recharge. Kids been waking up at 11.30am and midday!
- it’s lovely being with the family - 10 of us - kids, parents, grandparents, sisters, cousins.

Downsides are;
- it’s August so packed with LOTS of kids
- buffet is lovely but over eating it now!
- couple of us have had dodgy stomachs, avoid the hotel water - bottled water all the way!
- the resort is so big, we’ve not needed to leave - are we even in Crete? 😂
- I miss my dogs

Whereever you are having a break this year, be it abroad or at home. Put the phone away, read a book, have some family time and RECHARGE!

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It felt amazing for us to show our little ones the result of all our hard work! They loved listening to a couple of our (suitable!) audios and seeing customers also taking such an interest. Thanks for having us @theofficialselfridges, it’s been an amazing experience! ⭐️

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Good Morning! 🙋🏼‍♀️

How did you wake up today? Fresh and ready for the day ahead? if you're anything like me! 🥴

I take a long time time to wake up and to get myself in to gear. I also have a tendency to lack motivation and to want to stay in bed for as long as possible. So, in order to help you wake up feeling motivated, positive, grateful, confident, resilient and ready to tackle the day ahead we created a whole series of Morning Hypnotherapy audios. There are 7 different audios that have been created to help frame your mind so you're ready for the day ahead.

Each one starts with a gentle relaxation exercise to help get your mind ready for the hypnotherapy and they're all around 10 minutes.

What you do first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Time to get things off to a good start every morning. 🎧💫

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Sometimes we go to therapy expecting to be fixed or hoping that the therapist will give us quick easy answers.

The reality is that ANY kind of therapist should be working with you, guiding you, helping you to come up with the answers, helping you to help yourself. As hypnotherapists we are solution focussed and we help our clients to realise how they want to feel and who they want to be - all we do is guide our clients with some powerful tools to get them there. We see results quickly and we love the feedback we get. If you haven't tried hypnotherapy yet then give it a try through our app or in Selfridges corner shop and cinema (until the end of July). ⭐️💫

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We are beyond thrilled to have received this! 🙌🏻.

We're a small company so awards like this mean the world to us! ⭐️

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us, we're so grateful to you and so honoured to be able to support so many people through difficult times. 🙏🏻

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How many times this week have you heard about the dangers of too much sun exposure? The risks are very real and we need to take them seriously . Once the crazy temperatures have settled down again and it’s slightly cooler then it’s worth noting that there are also some amazing benefits to safe sun exposure:

☀️ Increased Vitamin D

☀️Improved Mood

☀️Higher Quality Sleep

☀️Stronger Bones

☀️Lower Blood Pressure

So get outside and enjoy a little safe sunshine to boost your physical and mental health! 🌤🕶

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Heatwave hack ☀️😎. Escape the stresses of every day life by listening to one of our powerful sleep hypnotherapy audios in Selfridges relaxing, air conditioned cinema. We challenge you to stay awake! Shop until you drop 👜👠😴

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How will it help me?


You may feel like a specific unwanted belief or issue is starting to affect your personal or professional life and you want to change your thinking patterns for good.

Our suite of audios cover everything you might suffer in your personal life such as insomnia, anxiety, confidence, losing weight and insecurity to more work related issues such as managing a team, pitching effectively, having more resilience and completing tasks.

Our site is completely anonymous so you can listen at ease to audios without fear of being judged or monitored.

Our audios will help to alter mindsets so that you face each day with enthusiasm, motivation – ready to face each challenge or issue with a strong, powerful new way of thinking.

All it takes is an open mind and 25 minutes of listening to an audio file for a minimum of 4 times or as many times as you can across 4 weeks.


When should I listen them?


We suggest you listen to your chosen audio either first thing in the morning or early evening (or even both!).  Try not to listen to the audios when you are too tired because if you fall asleep you have gone past the state of hypnosis and have entered the sleep state.  However, if you feel like you have fallen asleep yet wake up when we awaken you then that is perfectly normal and you have simply been in a deep state of hypnosis which is perfect!

The more you listen to the audios the stronger the new beliefs will become.  You simply need to find a quiet, uninterrupted place, either at work or at home, to take 25 minutes to relax and unwind. 

By putting yourself first and giving yourself the time and permission you need to re-programme your subconscious mind, you will in return, be rewarded with instant results.


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