This Fear of Needles Guided Meditation & Hypnotherapy audio is aimed at people who have a mild fear of needles or an extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles.

Piercing the skin with something sharp is never going to be a pleasant experience, but some people become physically sick and overwhelmingly anxious at the very thought of an injection. If you feel like this then you are not alone. Studies show that a remarkable 20 percent of the population has some degree of a fear of needles or injections and 10 percent within that number suffer from an excessive fear known as Trypanophobia. In this session we use a technique called hypnotic desensitisation.

This includes relaxation skills to help face your fear of needles whilst in a safe environment and to think more rationally about needles. We will ask you to use your imagination to picture yourself behaving how you want to around needles. By doing so, you will find that the same feelings of relaxation remain with you in the outside world as well as during this session.

We recommend that you listen to our session at least four times so you can really compound the positive messaging, override the old beliefs and help your mind to create new neural pathways to feeling less anxious about needles.


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