Hypnotherapy For Fear Of Flying

This Fear of Flying Guided Meditation & Hypnotherapy session is aimed at people who are anxious about flying or who suffer from a more severe fear such as aviophobia. A fear of flying, is the second most common phobia, the first being a phobia of spiders!  Fear of flying can be linked to the fear of aeroplanes, heights, catastrophizing something will go wrong or it could be an aspect of other psychological problems such as panic attacks, claustrophobia or simply a learnt behaviour.

Facts Not Feelings

Bring afraid of flying is not rational. The chances are you haven’t weighed up what’s safe about flying, and what’s dangerous about it. (If you have done your research then you’ll know that flying is statistically much much safer than any other mode of  transport). Having said that, even though we know that flying is perfectly safe, our brains pay particular attention to our feelings instead of facts and it’s for this reason that we need to access your subconscious mind to change your deep rooted thoughts and feelings around flying once and for all.

How Hypnosis For Fear Of Flying Works

Our hypnosis for fear of flying audio has been carefully created to help you question your assumptions you have about flying. We then help you to retrain your brain to think about these fears differently.

In this session we use a powerful technique called the ‘rewind’ technique (a non-intrusive, safe and highly effective psychological method) to remove your limiting beliefs and fears about flying.

We recommend that you listen to our session at least four times so you can really compound the positive messaging, override the old beliefs and help your mind create new neural pathways to being a confident flyer.


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