House of Wellbeing Workshops


The House of Wellbeing offers you a number of workshops to help improve business performance, employees physical and mental well-being as well as morale.  From hypnobirthing, confidence, stress & anxiety workshops to winning pitches and high intensity interval training. Whatever you might need our workshops help complement our MindTALK audios to ensure your business has happy, healthy employees.

Total Body Fitness – HIIT Training


Total Body Fitness consists of Personal Trainers who run HIIT training groups within London.

They are highly experienced personal trainers with fitness management, sports and fitness experience.  Their diverse approach to training is designed to offer a variety of activities that are both intense, challenging, fun and most of all they get results.

Their HIIT cardio sessions are arranged as short bursts of very hard work. The whole point of high-intensity training is to kick up the intensity of your cardio—typically anywhere from 20 to 90 seconds.  It’s the opposite of going for a long run where you ration your energy in order to sustain the activity for longer.

These sessions can take place in a local park to your business and be groups of 10 or 30+.

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HP Nutrition Workshops


HP Nutrition offers workshops to forward thinking businesses and leadership teams to help improve their wellbeing, happiness and productivity of their team members.  Helene offers personalised nutrition programs to help team members to perform at the highest level in the most competitive and demanding environments.  HP Nutrition inspires and empowers individuals to take control of their mental and physical energy levels through nutrition.

HP Nutrition runs interactive workshops with corporate teams and delivers proactive and personalised nutrition coaching to each team member.  Many of our High Performance Nutrition Specialists held senior executive positions in leading businesses before they undertook a minimum of 3 years full time study in the science of nutrition.  Our team has deep expertise around how nutrition can enhance human performance in business.


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Soul Vista Yoga classes


Soul vista yoga is designed to balance your mind, body and soul what ever time of day you choose to practice. Whether it’s to energise your morning or at the end of a long day, you will be guided through a powerful dynamic flow class that will get you out of your head and onto your mat. That’s why we call it “moving meditation.”
Throughout the class we work on strength, flexibility and focus. For all levels with this flow you’ll be able to fine tune your own bodies needs, perfecting these aspects over time and grow your practice into a strong foundation to help you in other parts of your life.


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Hypnobirthing courses


Sophie is a birth professional and she has taught hypnobirthing to pregnant women and couples for almost ten years with experience in both Marie Mongan and Katherine Graves methods.  She has worked closely with NHS midwives to ensure that her hypnobirthing course includes all the current and up to date tools and techniques to ensure you give birth in complete confidence.  You’ll learn how to give yourself and your baby a more comfortable and positive experience no matter what path your baby chooses to enter the world.  She runs workshops in businesses for all pregnant employees either in group sessions or individually, sometimes these are paid by the employer, sometimes they are subsidized and sometimes the employee pays directly themselves.  You can also take the course online for those who want to learn at their own pace in the privacy of your own home.



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Pippa Bateman

Communicate with confidence and Impact   


Description: This interactive and highly practical session explores four steps to help you communicate with confidence and impact, whatever the situation. By the end of the session the group will know how to apply these steps and have had the opportunity to use them live in two real business scenarios.

Learning outcomes:

– understand why it is that our communication influences our outcomes so much

– understand how to get into your audience’s ‘circle’ by using an audience analysis framework

– understand how to structure a message to best effect using a planning tool

– explore delivery techniques to ensure that you enhance your impact in the moment

– know how to build trust by deploying your personal narrative

– apply these approaches to a live scenario, practice delivering it and give and receive feedback with peers


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Pippa Bateman

Communicating under pressure 


Description: This interactive and highly practical session looks at the ways that managers can get the most out of conversations with their direct reports in order to build relationships, enhance engagement, discretionary effort and ultimately performance.

Learning outcomes:

– experience and understand the importance of active listening in any manager/ direct report relationship

– understand the different triggers that can make management communication challenging

– have applied a simple feedback model (SBI) that helps ensure that the impact intended by the speaker matches the impact felt by the recipient when delivering feedback

– have applied a responsible assertiveness model (DEAR) to a live scenario to help them approach difficult conversations with respect. 


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Risa Gabrielle

Sleep Workshops



Risa Gabrielle is a London-based sleep therapist, yoga teacher and coach.  Sleep can be a big topic to dive into, but Risa has a knack for breaking things down in an easy to understand format. Most importantly, she provides practical tools you can start using right away (that very night!) for better sleep. 

She offers sleep workshops that are customised to the clients’ needs, such as:

* One-hour Sleep Tools workshop, which answers all the basic sleep questions and includes techniques to reduce stress and soothe the nervous system. Can take place in any setting. 

Sleep & Rest workshop – combines the basics on the science of sleep with further movement and resting practices, such as enjoying a nourishing Yoga Nidra guided meditation or learning the pre-bedtime stretching sequence. Participants should wear comfortable clothing. 

* Multi-week group courses on sleep, four- to six-week courses, which help clients determine exactly why they aren’t sleeping and set new habits for better sleep and healthier, happier lives

Learning outcomes:

  • The impact of sleep on our work productivity and overall quality of life
  • The importance of sleep for our physical and mental health 
  • Exploring why you aren’t sleeping
  • What habits you can start to shift immediately to improve your sleep
  • How much sleep you should be getting per night (it’s probably not what you think!) and how to start getting it
  • How to feel better even if you’ve had a bad night’s sleep
  • Learn a pre-bedtime stretching sequence that’s designed to stretch the tension out of your body before bedtime 

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