We know that children in this age bracket should be able to behave appropriately in a variety of social situations, refine communication skills, resolve interpersonal conflicts and understand the difference between passive, assertive and aggressive responses. They are also expected to become more independent and responsible for actions, value and respect rules and authority, know how to act appropriately and develop more positive self-esteem and resilience by building strengths and accepting limitations.
With this in mind we have created the following audios to reflect these social and emotional developmental milestones:
(power of kindness, empathy, feelings of gratitude)
(emphasis on learning to regulate emotions, progressive relaxation, let worries float away, new beginnings )
(visualisation of what’s to come, focus on happy thoughts, positive affirmations, happy place, sharing feelings
Focus & Concentration
(focus on listening and mindfulness)
Bravery/Trying new things
(Courage, find your voice, encouraging children to give something a go)
Self belief/Self Esteem/Confidence
(Focus on filling the child with inner confidence, to believe in their own capabilities whether academic or otherwise, to acknowledge accomplishments)
Teachers may choose to play them to the class after break to help them settle back in to their day, before a new lesson or if a difficult situation arises. Each meditation lasts between 5 – 7 minutes meaning there is plenty of opportunity to listen to one audio in the school day.