We know that little one’s in this School Key Stage need to develop greater empathy, establish and maintain positive relationships and friendships, start developing a sense of morality, control impulsive behavior, identify and manage emotions, form a positive self-concept and self-esteem (identity formation has begun), become resilient, begin to function more independently (from looking after personal possessions to making decision without needing constant support), form opinions about moral values and learn right and wrong, be able to express an opinion and negotiate and begin understanding different viewpoints.


We have created these key meditations for this specific age group to listen to which will support them with these social and emotional developmental milestones:
(emphases on learning how to share, play with others)
(emphasis on learning to regulate emotions, to breathe deeply, to listen )
(separation anxiety, making school/nursery a happy place)
Teachers may choose to play them to the class after break to help them settle back in to their day, before a new lesson or if a difficult situation arises. Each meditation lasts between 5 – 7 minutes meaning there is plenty of opportunity to listen to one audio in the school day.