Little one’s in this key stage are encouraged to express emotions, to take turns, to become independent in following routines, to interact more with peers, to engage in meaningful relationships with others, to begin to control emotions, and to develop a positive self-image.
As children are so young in this age group, the meditation audios will be combined with physical actions and require adult supervision.
With this in mind we have created the following audios to reflect these social and emotional developmental milestones:
(hug yourself, hug a friend, sharing toys, kindness to others)
(Physical relaxation – touch head, shoulders, tummy, knees, toes and see warm light travelling down filling you with calming warmth )
(focus on separation anxiety, making school/nursery a happy place – turn to friend and smile, wave at teacher and watch teacher wave back, who can show the biggest smile)
Teachers may choose to play them to the class after break to help them settle back in to their day, before a new lesson or if a difficult situation arises. Each meditation lasts between 5 – 7 minutes meaning there is plenty of opportunity to listen to one audio in the school day.